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Management By Strengths - A Team  Building Program        

Management By Strengths (MBS) is a program designed to help companies increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and employee morale through an improved understanding of how to work more effectively together. MBS skills enhance team building throughout an organization.

People are the most valuable resource of any organization. Successful teamwork doesn't just happen. Teamwork is the result of positive working relationships. MBS will help you better understand people's differing communication and decision making styles, so that you can more efficiently achieve your goals.  MBS teaches that through a better understanding of a person's communication style ... by understanding their temperament, we are equipped to work more effectively with that person.

The term "Personality Profile" is frequently used, but TEMPERAMENT is even more basic. Many things go into forming a person's "personality" such as environment, upbringing, integrity, education, faith, job skills, etc. MBS goes deeper and focuses on each person's underlying temperament, which is the foundation upon which the personality is built ... understanding Nature vs Nurture.

MBS goes beyond the surveying and interpreting of temperament traits. Fundamental and advanced Management By Strengths training is available. Both courses are designed to teach people to effectively apply basic relationship principles both in their professional and personal lives. The MBS color coded graphs help people to continue to focus on how to work with each other in a positive way.  Students of MBS immediately gain a better appreciation of those around them due to improved understanding … out of which evolves better communication … which leads to increased productivity and creativity. The Management By Strengths program creates genuine enthusiasm, understanding and cooperation among people.

Some specific benefits of implementing the MBS program are:

  • Learn to focus on those around you to improve communication, production and profits

  • Achieve greater self understanding through the analysis of your own profile.

  • Understand how to identify and capitalize on the strengths of employees.

  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts that are usually rooted in misunderstanding.

  • Reduce costly turnover that results when employees are dealt with the wrong way.

  • Teach your people how to support each other.

  • Improve your interviewing skills so that you hire the right employee for your organization.

  • Avoid losing sales due to salesmen overselling the deal.

  • Enhance your personal life through a deeper understanding of your family.

  • Become more effective at closing by identifying your customer’s decision making style.

  • Discover how to motivate rather than demotivate your employees.

  • Understand why a salesman’s "style" may be turning off 3/4 of potential customers.

  • See that a direct and candid suggestion is not meant as criticism

  • Learn steps to implement change with people that are "set in their ways."

  • Learn simple yet very effective ways to reduce stress in your life.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and "stand out" among your competition.

About MBS

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"I highly recommend MBS for any work group that wants to become a team. It helped us be more efficient, effective and reduce stress by learning to work better together. MBS is also fun ... you start the process thinking it's another blah blah training course and leave knowing your business is going to improve."

Michelle Cervantez - Former VP Marketing Mercedes-Benz USA