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Management By Strengths - A Team  Building Program        

The Adjustment Profile

Though our Self Profile remains constant, we are able to adjust our temperament depending on a given situation. If we're called upon to give a speech … we make Extroverted adjustments. If we need to balance our checkbook … we make Structured adjustments. If we have to hurry to get something done at the last minute … we make Urgent adjustments.

The Adjustment Profile on the MBS Profile Report is a graphical representation of adjustments you were making approximately 4-8 weeks ago. It's a snapshot of adjustments that we were making sometime in the past. Our adjustments may change from situation to situation.

We make adjustments to accomplish our goals.

If at work you need to interact with other people, your Adjustment Profile may show that your E Trait, Extroversion, was going up. If the E is moving up the column (an up arrow) then you were having to be more outgoing and talkative. If on the other hand the E is moving down the column (a down arrow) then you were having to get off by yourself and be less talkative (as in the example).

Likewise, a D moving up the column in the Adjustment Profile (as in the example) indicates that you were having to be more Direct … you were taking charge, making decisions, focusing more on results. Directness moving down the column means that you were perhaps less in control, having to delegate more, taking a non-threatening style.

S moving up in the Adjustment Profile indicates that you were making Structured adjustments, paying more attention to the details, working more by the book, being more careful, crossing the T's and dotting the I's.  If the S is moving down the column (as in the example) then you were more flexible, paying less attention to details.

Traits that appear in the Adjustment Profile in approximately the same position as they are in the Self Profile indicate that there was not any noticeable change in how you were using that trait. You were using that particular trait in your natural way … without adjusting.

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