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Be Considerate of the Individual

Common sense tells us that behaving in a polite and considerate way towards others will lead to better relationships.

It takes effort to be polite. Rude and demanding customers, co-workers, clients and neighbors can often try our patience. However, regardless of what another person is saying, we can still be polite. What is required is self control.

Being considerate, on the other hand, requires an understanding of the other person. To have a healthy relationship, we must consider the other person's needs. When speaking of temperaments, this means that we consider how the other person "needs" to be treated. His or her communication style and decision making process may be very different from our own. Working with everyone "Our Way", instead of "Their Way", will probably be the "Wrong Way" about 75% of the time.

Though we might be polite, insisting on treating someone in a way that is contrary to their temperament will still cause stress in a relationship. Constantly rushing a Paced person at the last minute or always hovering over a Direct person will put strain on your relationship. "Temperamently" speaking, we are being rude when we go against a person's "Point of View".

Each individual has his or her own unique temperament and we must recognize the fact that how we work effectively with one person might be very different from how we work effectively with another person. A detailed, written report may be exactly what Mr. Smith is looking for, but that same report may sit on Ms. Jones' desk for weeks before she looks at it. To be most successful in our relationships, we need to deal with people on a "case by case" basis.

Things to consider:
                                                              1. What is his or her High Trait?
                                                              2. What is the Focus of his or her High Trait?
                                                              3. What style of communication does he or she prefer?
                                                              4. How can you support his or her High Trait?
                                                              5. How should you behave toward him or her?

If you are not sure how to best work with a certain person, get some advice ... ask someone that has a similar Profile. Structured people know exactly how other Structured people would like to be treated, the Extroverts know about Extroverts, etc.

A key to a successful relationship is our going beyond just being polite and truly being considerate of the other person.