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Management By Strengths - A Team  Building Program        


The MBS Profile Report


People oriented, they like teamwork and involve people to accomplish their goals.


Steady and easygoing, they appear calm, cool and controlled under pressure.


Their focus is on doing what they know to be right. Usually careful and precise, they hate to make mistakes.



The focus is on results, being in control and solving problems.

The description that appears on the Profile Report relates entirely to the Self Profile.

Description of Strengths: This first paragraph lists general characteristics of each of the temperament traits in the Self Profile grid. Traits that appear above the line are strengths ... traits that appear below the line are also strengths.

A description of each of the 4 traits is available by clicking on the D, E, P or S in the Self Profile grid above.

Combination of Strengths: This section describes how certain traits interact. The notation "D/E" refers to how Directness interacts with Extroversion when the D trait is higher than the E trait, "D/P" refers to how the Pace trait and the Directness trait interact, and so on.

Certain reports show more combinations than other reports ... this is neither positive or negative.

Motivation by Strengths: This section lists certain things that can motivate each of the traits. The "-" symbol is simply a locator. "-P" indicates that Pace is located below the center line and is therefore the strength of Urgency. The "-" symbol DOES NOT MEAN NEGATIVE!

Communication by Strengths: This section ties everything on the Profile Report together. In 1 or 2 sentences it describes the best way to work with a person with this temperament.