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Management By Strengths - A Team  Building Program        

The MBS Survey

Online Survey:
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Charles Miller, former President of AlliedSignal Aerospace - Commercial Avionics Systems, wrote in a memo introducing the Management By Strengths program to his employees:
"WHAT IS MBS?   MBS is a self-assessment of our individual strengths and training to understand our communication styles, what motivates us and how we react to our work and social environment. MBS helps us to say to each other, "This is the best way to work with me and I understand the best way to work with you." MBS supports open communication and more productive interaction.

MBS is ....
  • NOT used to put us into categories. MBS helps us to understand and use our own and others' individual strengths.
  • NOT a test. MBS assesses strengths, not weaknesses. The are no "bad" strengths.
  • NOT used to determine pay, promotion or retention.

Many of our fellow employees will choose to wear a "shorthand version" of their individual

strength profile on their badges [referring to the MBS color coded stickers]. Please, ask them

about MBS. I'm sure they have a positive experience to share with you."

The MBS Survey is a quick and non-threatening tool used to reflect a person's basic communication style ... their temperament. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers and there is no "best" MBS Profile Report.

The MBS Profile Report gives a general description of an individual's temperament ... the fundamental strengths of their personality. Understanding how a person communicates, makes decisions and how that person wants to be treated is a valuable first step in establishing or improving any relationship.

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