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Management By Strengths - A Team  Building Program        

The following comparison between the Management By Strengths program and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was prepared Dr. Nick Carden, a clinical psychologist with the Renaissance Center of Albany, GA. Dr. Carden is trained and currently utilizes both MBS and MBTI in his practice.

Comparison of MBS & Myers-Briggs

Rating Scale
0 5 10
Very Poor Average Outstanding


Aspect of the program

Management By Strengths (MBS)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

User-Friendly Rating: 9.5
Short, easy to use, training is already tailored to the protocol.
Rating: 5.0
Can be very complex and cumbersome in its administration, scoring and interpretation.

Practical Application Rating: 8.5
MBS is a system and not simply a tool. It is generally applicable in helping people develop positive relationships, but has specific relevance to team building in organizations.
Rating: 7.0
The MBTI has been used in a wide variety of clinical settings as well as within business and industry. The applicability of the MBTI has been diluted over the years.

Instrument: Administration and Scoring Rating: 9.0
The MBS Survey has very simple instructions and can be taken in 10 minutes or less. All instruments are scored by MBS.
Rating: 6.5
If the long form is used, the MBTI is somewhat cumbersome and time consuming. Possibly 30 minutes just to respond.
Instrument: Validity and Test Construction Rating: 7.5
MBS Survey is based on a statistical construct termed dynametrics and is related to the Jungian Typology used in MBTI.
Rating: 9.5
MBTI has extensive research data available regarding the construct and content validity of the instrument.
Implementation in the Workplace Rating: 8.5
MBS has a unique system of making the profiles work on a day-to-day basis. Color coding and graphing are utilized.
Rating: 7.0
The MBTI can be designed to assist rank and file employees on a day-to-day basis; no formal system currently exists.
Application to Team Building Rating: 8.5
MBS is designed to be a stand alone program or as part of a team building effort. Advanced training dealing with real life applications is available.
Rating: 8.5
With a good trainer, the MBTI is useful in assisting in the team building process. MBTI can serve as a starting point for advanced training.
Follow-Up Service and Dependability Rating: 9.0
MBS is a stand alone company and provides support. It's purpose is to insure complete satisfaction with the training component which includes the analysis of the instrument.

MBS also allows participants to assess family members free of charge.

Rating: 6.0
The MBTI is simply a psychological instrument. The strengths of the instrument is based on its history of psychometric research.

The follow-up service is only as good as the trainers who use and understand the instrument. The trainers should be familiar with Jungian Typology as well as interpersonal dynamics.

The success of using the MBTI rests primarily on the person who is interpreting the instrument and training the participants.
Average Rating
per Dr. Carden

Management By Strengths (MBS)


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)



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