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Management By Strengths - A Team  Building Program        

Though our Self Profile remains constant, we are able to adjust our temperament depending on a given situation ... that's the Adjustment Profile. How people see us as we are making those adjustments is shown in the Role Profile.

As we make different adjustments ... people see a different Role.

In our example, this person is naturally Non-Threatening (-D), Extroverted (+E), Urgent (-P) and Structured (+S) ... the Self Profile.

Remember ... the Role is what you see ... the Self is who they really are!

When they were making these specific Adjustments, the Role that people saw them in was still Non-Threatening (-D), slightly Private (-E with a -1), Paced (+P) and Flexible (-S). They were coming across as High P, easy going and laid back ... which THEY'RE NOT. Looking at the Adjustment Profile we see that they were making Flexible adjustments (their S was going down the column), and though they were being more Direct (D going up), they still came across their naturally Non-Threatening way.

Depending on the situation, this person may play a very different role. We need to work with people based on their temperament (the Self) and not on whatever Role they happen to be playing at the moment to accomplish their goals.

Remember ... the Role is what you see ... the Self is who they really are!

The Role Profile