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Management By Strengths - A Team  Building Program        

The Self Profile

The Self Profile on the MBS Profile Report is a graphical summary of a person's basic communication style … their temperament. Understanding a person's temperament is an important step in developing or improving your relationship with them.

To better understand a person's temperament, we need to look at what each of their temperament traits mean and though each of a person's traits is important, the most important of a person's traits is their High Trait. The High Trait determines the MBS color code.

In our example on the left, this Self Profile shows this person to be Extroverted (green), that is to say that their highest trait in the Self Grid is E: Extroversion. Extroverts are people oriented and they are most creative when they can discuss their ideas with others. To have a good relationship with the High E person, we must take the time to interact with them.

In our example, the Structure trait is also above the centerline. Structured people are careful, precise and detailed oriented, focusing on what is right. The hate to make mistakes.

Remember that "Above the line & Below the line" DOES NOT mean that traits that are above the line are good and the ones below are bad. Both traits above the line and below the line are strengths. It's a mistake when looking at the Self Profile to think that traits that fall below the line are ones that you need to work on. Traits that fall below the centerline are still strengths.

Pace is below the line indicating that the person has the strength of Urgency. They may find themselves rushing to get things done at times. They hate to wait.  Isn't Urgency a weakness? No! Can it be a weakness if Urgency controls your life? Yes! Any trait that is "out of control" is a weakness. Extroversion is a strength, unless the extroverted person talks soooooo much that people are turned off … then Extroversion (out of control) is a weakness.

Directness below the line gives a person with this temperament a non-threatening style.  They're non-intimidating, they don't come on too strong. 

How the traits interact with each other also plays a part in the make up of one's temperament.  When working with someone who is both Extroverted and Structured, we need to be remember that they are very sensitive to criticism.  Structured people don't like to be told that they're wrong and what you say to an Extrovert is very important.  Since criticism is by it's very nature negative, the High E/S takes it very personal.   (also see the description of the High S person)

As we interact with a person, it is important that we make the effort to consider their "Point of View". If we can work with each individual based on how they need to be worked with, we are then able to accomplish our own goals. Effective working relationships result in improved communication, increased productivity and improved customer & job satisfaction.

Understanding a person's Self Profile … their "Style" … their "Point of View" … their temperament … is our key to developing an effective relationship.

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