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Management By Strengths - A Team  Building Program        

The focus of the Paced person is on timing, harmony and cooperation.  Paced people appear laid back, relaxed and easy going. High P people HATE to be put under pressure, so they naturally avoid pressuring others. High P people are helpful and cooperative.  More about Pace

The focus of the Structured person is on being right and doing the right thing.  Someone who has Structure as their high trait "goes by the book" ... THEIR BOOK! They need to gather facts and do the research before making a decision. They ask A LOT of questions ... they like to check and re-check ... they like to be right!.  More about Structure

The focus of the Direct person is on getting results, being in control
and solving problems.
  High D people have a direct style of communication
... they get right to the point. Sometimes their style is misunderstood as criticism, when

all they were doing was saying what was on their mind in a direct way.  More about Directness

The focus of the Extroverted person is on people and teamwork. High E people have a persuasive style of communication ... they naturally tend to talk you into things. They're most creative when working with others ... they love being part of "The Team"!  More about Extroversion

The 4 Temperament Traits